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Welcome to ÄNG Studios’ inaugural rug collection. It consists of four cool pastels and four warming colors. Each rug is knotted by hand by skilled artisans in Nepal, is made from 100% natural materials, and is dyed and washed without using harmful chemicals.

The material is genuine Cashmere silk – the same kind of silk that you can find in other luxurious products, such as scarves, shawls and fabrics. This gives our rugs an entirely unique depth and wonderfully beautiful shading that varies depending on how the light falls on them.

If you care for it properly, an authentic ÄNG rug will last a lifetime.


The recommended retail price including VAT is 856 €/m2.

Delivery time

All rugs are knotted by hand in Nepal and can also be made to measure. Accordingly, allow for 8-16 weeks from placing your order until the rug enriches your home.

Download productsheet.

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